Department of Arts and Design

Department of Arts and Design

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The Department of Arts and Design at National Taipei University of Education is the iconic representation of arts education in Taiwan, often recognized as “the cradle of Taiwan’s arts development”. It all began as an Art Course in the Japanese Language School during the colonial era in 1895. Later on, it saw a series of name changes: Arts Division, Fine Arts Division, Arts and Crafts Division, Department of Arts and Crafts Education, Department of Art and Art Education, and Department of Arts. In 2008, the Department of Arts that got its name in 1992 was merged with the Department of Design newly-established in 2004 to become the present-day Department of Arts and Design. Our faculty and alumni form an indispensable driving force behind the arts development in Taiwan. Always moving with the times, our department is proud to have famous alumni who are celebrated artists known far and wide: Huang Tu-shui, Chen Cheng-po, Li Shih-chiao, Li Mei-shu, Liao Chi-chun, Chen Chih-chi, Lee Tze-Fan, Ni Chiang-huai, Hsiao Chin, Li Shi-chi, Ho Chau-chu, and the list goes on.

The Department offers a full range of Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral programs, as well as in-service master’s degree programs. The Graduate Institute of Arts and Arts Education was established in 2000, offering programs at the M.A. level. Starting in the 2008-2009 academic year, the merger of the two Departments gave rise to the Department of Arts and Design with a Master’s program. The area of study is divided into five major concentrations: Arts Education, Arts Theory, Arts Creation, Innovative Crafts and Product Design. In 2004-2005 academic year, in-service master’s degree program was launched and open to the general public. The Inter-disciplinary Studies of Art doctoral program was approved in 2012 and admissions began in 2013.