Department of Language and Creative Writing

Department of Language and Creative Writing

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The Department of Language and Creative Writing, formerly known as “Department of Language Education”, was established in 1987, when our school was renamed as Taiwan Provincial Taipei Normal College.  Since then, our department has aimed to prepare its students to become language teachers in elementary schools.  Later, to meet the increasing demands of elementary school teachers, our department continued to grow with the establishment of a Summer M.A. Program in Language Instruction in 2002, and a M.A. Program in Language Education in 2004. 

In 2006, the name of the school was once again changed into National Taipei University of Education, and our department was officially renamed as the “Department of Language and Creative Writing”, composed of two substantive divisions: Division of Language Education (including the Elementary Teacher Training Program), and Division of Creative Writing.  Both divisions offer broad and dynamic programs and courses, and continue to make considerable achievements in the related fields.

In line with the world-wide trend of Mandarin learning, the M.A. Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language is subsequently added to our department in 2012,and a in service M.A. Program of Language Instruction in 2017. Given our founding vision and original mission, our department is devoted to train more excellent K-12 Chinese languages teachers for overseas with our 127 years’ experience of teacher training.

Program Goals

  1.  To train professionals in Language Teaching and in Creative Writing
  2. To develop interdisciplinary research and curriculum; to encourage students in developing specialties in both Teaching and Creative Writing
  3. To include the multi-cultural elements into research in language education and creative writing.
  4. To enhance students’ language competence in communication and creative writing.
  5. Put emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects to prepare students for future career and professional opportunities
  6. Offering students a broad selection of programs for credits, including:
    a. Editing and Interviewing Program;
    b. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Program;
    c. Writing Instruction Program;
    d. Practical Writing Program;