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Department of Music

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The Department of Music was originated from the Singing Course program established by the Japanese Language School during Japanese ruled period. In line with times change and school restructuring, the program was reorganized, evolving from Music Teacher Training Section, Music subsection of Elementary-school Teacher Section, Elementary-school Music Teacher Section, Music Section, the Department of Music Education, and finally to the Department of Music nowadays. The department, among others, best represents one of the earliest well-developed music-related institutes in the history of music development in Taiwan. 

The department provides both undergraduate and graduate programs. In the undergraduate program, there are four year levels, each with one class. The department also offers one regular graduate class each year. In addition, it also offers a summer graduate program. 

The undergraduate program is categorized into teacher training and non-teacher training program. The major categories include: piano, vocal performance, wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, and composition.

The graduate program consists of four groups with seven major categories, music education and administration, music composition, vocal/instruments performance and conducting program, Under the performance group, there’re four major categories: piano, vocal, wind instruments (including percussion), string instruments and conducting.

The department has a faculty of 14 full-time teachers. Currently, there’re 8 professors, 2 associate professor,4 assistant professors. There are nearly 50 part-time teachers in the department, most of whom earned master’s or doctor’s degrees from the United States, European countries and other nations. 

Special emphasis of the curriculum design in the department is placed on the integration of theory with performance practice. Most published thesis are related to music education, and performance. With the belief of the importance of modern music curriculum and teaching, the department incorporates modern music technology into the curriculum to the benefit of students’ professional development.