College of Humanities and Arts

College of humanities and Arts was established on August 1, 2005, when our school was restructured and expanded into a university. The college currently consists of six departments.

  • Department of Arts and Design
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Cultural and Creative Industries Management
  • Department of Language and Creative Writing
  • Department of Children English Education
  • Graduate School of Taiwanese Culture

All of our departments have core foundations in humanities and arts. College of Humanities and Arts is the ultimate combination of these two fields, with arts edifying humanities and humanities nourishing arts. The goals of College of Humanities and Arts are to strengthen students’ professional skills in integrating humanities and arts with modern technologies. Through knowledge learning and accumulating hands-on experiences, students are able to cultivate literacy in arts and humanities, to develop creative thinking, to create values from their professional trainings as well as to achieve excellence from their creativity. Students will also be able to know the growing trends of the modern era and the society, and to fulfill the goals of implementing their learning on actual practice.

In the future, the college will continue assisting each department to develop its own distinctive characteristics, promoting life-long learning and contributing to the development of society. By educating professionals in humanities and arts, and inspiring creativity and ideas in art designs, the missions of the college are to cultivate creative talents with critical thinking and aesthetic perception, who will be sensitive to global trends and be competitive in their careers.